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About Us

Supporting Seniors with Guided Response was created to help older adults (seniors) and their caregivers.  The Covid-19 pandemic has brought an awareness of the isolation of our older adults and we felt a need to do something to make a difference.

We connect the older adult and their caregivers with educational and recreational activities to keep them socially engaged. We also help them navigate the system to assist in finding resources that are offered in their communities.

Alison Drenikow and Elaine Beemer are co-founders of this initiative and have created a team of diverse dedicated volunteers, some of whom are students or alumni from the Social Service Worker Gerontology Program from Seneca College. 


We believe older adults are deserving of being treated with respect and dignity at all times

Our Mission

Our Vision

To engage and contribute towards providing positive, caring, and enriched living for our ageing population.

Our Mission

To enhance the wellbeing of the older adult by supporting the community in all areas including long-term care, retirement homes, and community in this rapidly changing world. 

Senior Men Playing Chess

Our Values


We believe all older adults are deserving of being treated with respect and dignity at all times.


We believe that caring for our society’s vulnerable older adults is a sacred trust which goes far beyond providing only the basics: it involves striving to make their senior years as safe and happy as possible.


We believe fostering co-operative teamwork at both the community and institutional levels is essential in order to meet the challenges of providing excellent care for people as they move through the ageing process.


We strongly value diversity and inclusivity and are dedicated to upholding these values for all, with respect to age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ability, income level, and religious beliefs.

“Unexpected Kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change."

- Bob Kerrey


Supporting Seniors with Guided Response


Phone: 416-277-1619

Supporting Seniors with Guided Response is an Ontario Registered Non-Profit Organization

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